A Conversation with Roddy Biggs

Once a month we invite special guests to join us at our Thoughtful Thursday gathering to tell us more about the work they are doing and answer any questions we might have. On Thursday, October 21 at 7:00 PM are excited to be joined by mental health advocate Roddy Biggs.

Roddy is a Queer, BIPOC, Young Adult, Unitarian Universalist, with lived experiences in trauma and mental health challenges, who uses he and they pronouns. They are a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, holding a Bachelors’s degree in Religious Studies, and a first-year seminary student at Meadville Lombard where they are pursuing ordination in the Unitarian Universalist ministry. Roddy serves as a member-at-large on the Unitarian Universalist Mental Health Network and as a Mental Health and My Faith Conversation Coordinator with the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Visit the UUCC calendar for login information for this virtual event and join in the conversation!