iPhone/iPad Classes

Thursday’s in May (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd)
All classes are held from 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Location: 10441 Shaver Rd. Portage at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church
Cost: $40.00
Course Size: Registration is limited 15 participants so individual attention can be provided


Send an email to: classes.uucc@gmail.com. Your registration will be confirmed with a reply and instructions on how to pay for the course.

NOTE: Below is a listing of the chapters in the reference manual and the approximate dates the chapters will be covered. This 40 page reference manual is yours to keep and is included in the cost of the course. The booklet provides an excellent reference for all the material covered.

May 2

Chapter 1 – Press My Buttons: Covers the buttons on the outside of the device and each of their multiple uses. Also, a few common terms are explained.

Chapter 2 – Home Pages: Topics covered include moving, deleting the Apps and putting Apps into folders. The “dock” and its use is explained as well as how to customize it for your preferred favorite applications.

Chapter 3 – iCloud and Apple Account: What are these? What is the difference? How are they accessed? How are they used? What do they cost? These mysteries are solved.

Chapter 4 – Control Center: In this chapter you learn about your control center and how to open, use and customize it. Did you know you have a control center?

May 9

Chapter 5 – Settings: Basically, we go right down the list in Settings explaining each and how to use Settings to customize your device. This Chapter takes the entire second class. It is the heart and soul of your device. Don’t miss this class! This puts you in control of your device and solves many mysteries about how things work.

May 16

Chapter 6 – FaceTime: While this might seem self-explanatory, there are many little tricks that make FaceTime fun and easier to use.

Chapter 7 – Siri: Lots of folks don’t use Siri because they don’t know all the ways s/he can be helpful, including how to use her in an emergency. Siri is your “personal assistant” ready to help you in ways you can’t imagine!

Chapter 8 – Keyboard: Like with Siri and FaceTime there are many tricks to using the keyboard on an iPhone or iPad.

Chapter 9 – E-mail: How to set up your email account and set up your preferences are covered in this session along with how to add or delete an email account.

Chapter 10 – Using E-mail: CC/Bcc, Group email, changing “from” your primary email address to a secondary address, deleting junk mail before opening it, sending attachments and photos by email are a few of the topics covered.

May 23

Chapter 11 – Using the phone as a phone: Setting up favorites, blocking callers, giving a special ring tone for someone, staying connected and using the device to look up things (ie. contacts), speaker phone, switching to FaceTime, adding a caller to contacts, making conference calls are examples of what is covered in this chapter.

Chapter 12 – Texting: Just the basics are covered. Complex texting (ie. voice text, video text) is a separate class.

Chapter 13 – Contacts: Included in this chapter is editing the “fields”, adding a contact to favorites, change the ring tone for a contact, delete or edit a contact, add a photo to a contact.

Chapter 14 – Calendar. Learn how to set up appointments and navigate the calendar App. This also includes using Siri to add appointments to your calendar.

Chapter 15 – Camera. There are four ways to open the camera and the three ways to take a photo. The camera features are covered: slo mo, time lapse, panorama photos, live photos, take a light reading, zoom and bursts.