How to Join a ZOOM Meeting

ZOOM logo

If you have never used ZOOM before, consider giving it a try.  It will be a great way for us to meet during these difficult times. 

ZOOM is a widely used and very user-friendly video conferencing tool that allows you to see as well as hear who you are meeting with. It is easiest to use from a computer that has a built-in camera and a microphone but you can also use it from a tablet that has a camera/microphone or a smartphone.   

An invitation to a ZOOM meeting comes with a link.  When you click on the link, it will walk you through downloading an app that will allow you to join the meeting.  You can also find the app in your app store on your phone or tablet if you want to download it prior to clicking the link.  Look for the blue Zoom icon.  It looks like a video camera. 

To help you learn more, please watch this short video tutorial.  It walks you through logging in and shows you what it will look like when you join a meeting and how to use some of the features:

If you have any questions, please reach out to the office and we will do all we can to help get you connected.