On the Art Wall: A Flaming Chalice Retrospective

Almost ten years ago, UUCC folks of all ages and artistic abilities were invited to submit an 8×10 canvas to community art installation focused on the theme of the Flaming Chalice, the symbol of our Unitarian Universalist faith.

The resulting pieces, created with paint, markers, pen, pencil, glitter glue, textiles, paper, photographs, and more, revealed the diverse perspectives in our community and the many ways we take meaning from the chalice we light at the beginning of each service.

Ten years on, some of the artists have moved away from our community, some found new religious homes, some have passed away, and some are still with us. New members and friends have joined our community. Our living faith tradition has also evolved in the intervening years as we have adapted to new challenges, experiences and connections.

As our program years comes to the the end and UUCC looks forward to a new year filled with opportunities for learning and growth, we invite members of our community to submit new artwork to this installation. Canvases can be picked up by the RE bulletin board at the back of the sanctuary. We look forward to seeing how the meaning of the Flaming Chalice has changed or stayed the same.

The Chalice Artwork will be on our Art Wall through July 31. Members of the public are welcome to view the exhibit on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 2 PM. Please contact the office if you have any questions: uucommunity@gmail.com