Expired: “How to Aim a Hockey Shot”

Dr. Brent Smith  will be speaking on “How to Aim a Hockey Shot”— Where are you “located”? How does “location” shape an individual’s faith tradition’s understanding of events? What does that have to do with taking a shot in hockey? And, more important still, in what ways do questions like these influence our understandings of the meaning of our days? More than a summer’s musings, this sermon will invite you to reconsider your spiritual and theological “location”.


Dr. Brent A. Smith, ordained in the UU ministry, is an Associate Professor in the Religious Studies Program at Grand Valley State University, teaching classes such as Religions of the WorldConcepts and Methods in the Study of ReligionReligion and Popular Culture and Sacred Texts. His research interests are in the concepts and methods for the academic study of religion, religion and popular culture, religion and film, and religious experience.