Summer Sunday Forums

We’re taking a break from our usual Sunday services this July to rest and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.

But for those seeking connection and reflection, join Reverend Harold Beu for a special Summer Sunday Forum Series in the Sanctuary every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Childcare is available upon request. This is an onsite-only event. Here are the weekly themes Reverend Beu will be presenting for discourse and discussion:

Sunday,  July 6th  – What is Fear?
The following quote is from the Book “Understanding Fear in Ourselves and Others” by Bonaro Overstreet, author, poet, psychologist, lecturer and the wife of Harry Allen Overstreet, writer, lecturer, and popular author on modern psychology and sociology:
Of all the emotional forces that pattern our individual and interpersonal behaviors, fear has that most insidious power to make us do what we ought not to do, and leave undone what we ought to do.  Under its influence and trying to escape its influence, we seemed fated to give it a stronger hold upon us.

This is an important book that I read many years ago, but it is just as relevant to our days of crisis now, perhaps more so.  I will use Ms Overstreet’s book as a text to reflect on our current crises and our personal fears that prevent us from a full life, one with joy, love, and meaning.
Sunday,  July 13th – What About Jesus?
As one who was brought up as a Unitarian Universalist, I looked to Christianity as a religion like so many others.  In other words, I could see the wisdom and nonrationality [a better word than irrationality] of it just like all the others.  However, Christianity is the dominant religion of our nation and the Western World. Most of our members come from that religion, often with some hard feelings that someone like me would not have.  One way to explore this subject is to look at Jesus’ teachings and model as our predecessors did, and specifically the approach taken by 19th-century abolitionist Unitarian minister Theodore Parker, who had an interesting view of Jesus.
Sunday,  July 21st – Who Can We Trust?
As one who is 78 years old, I have seen much of our nation in turmoil, such as the Vietnam War, assassinations of prominent leaders, riots involving the police, and the rise of various movements, beginning with the Civil Rights movement, which was a model for others, such the Feminist Movement, Environmental Movement, LBGTQ+ Rights Movement, and others. But today, I sensed a crisis in our land that I have never felt before and I don’t believe I am alone in that.  At such times, we need to know we can trust to help us guide us through this difficult time in our lives.  I will explore with you in identifying the problems and coming to some kind of solutions to them.
Sunday,  July 28th – What About Evil?
As I have suggested in a previous sermon, all religions have the element of the nonrational, including our own.  Affirming the worth and dignity of every person is our first person.  It is truly our Universalist principle; the Unitarian one would be our fourth which is the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  Can we truly believe that every person has worth and dignity?  For example, one could point to Adolph Hitler, who seems to be the poster child of evil, and ask whether he had worth and dignity.  Good question.  Let’s attempt to answer it.

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