Web-based Giving Available

Hands offering coins

Have you ever come to church on a Generosity Sunday with no cash or checks in your pocket? We don’t want people to miss out on the chance to give when the spirit moves them, so we have added more options for donating to UUCC. If you notice on the website the new “Donate” button in the center of the home page, you will find it takes you to two options:  Paying through a vendor called Vanco using your bank account, debit, or credit card, or using PayPal if that is more familiar to you.

A percentage is taken off the top by the vendors who provide this service, so it might be better not to pay your regular pledge this way, but for impromptu gifts and paying for classes or goods such as eggs or jam, this may be the ticket! You can access the website on your computer or smart phone, or download the Vanco “Give Plus” app and use it directly on your smart phone.

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