February 6, 2022 “Are We There Yet?” with guest speaker Tristan Henry

January 16, 2022 “Together” with Rev. Gy

January 9, 2022 “Us vs. Them” with Rev. Gy

November 7, 2021 “A Time for Everything” with Rev. Gy

October 31, 2021 “Rest” with guest speaker Erica Guthaus

October 24, 2021 “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” with Rev Gy

October 3, 2021 “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” with Rev. Gy

September 19, 2021 “Developing Resilience During Uncertainty” with Eric Nelson

September 5, 2021 “Are We Spiritual Beings?” with Rev. Gy

August 22, 2021 “Honest Talk” with Rev. Gy

August 1, 2021 “Weaving the Tapestry of Life” with Rev Gy

June 20, 2021 “Are We There Yet?” with Rev. Gy

May 30, 2021 “In Grief…” with Rev. Gy

April 18, 2021 “Sustainability Revisited” with Erin Augustine

April 11, 2021 “Happy Anniversary” with Rev. Gy

March 28, 2021 “The Sweet Spot” with Rev. Gy

March 21, 2021 “Compassionate Connection” with Rev. Gy

March 14, 2021 “Liberatory Hubs of Cultural Empowerment in Kalamazoo” with guest speaker Dr. Michelle S. Johnson

February 28, 2021 “Justice: Jurors Required” with UUCC members and friends

February 14, 2021 “Put Some Love in the World” with Rev. Gy

February 7, 2021 “Embracing Diversity” with Rev. Gy

January 31, 2021 “Out of the Darkness and Into the Light” with Tret Fure

January 24, 2021 “Renewing Our Commitment to Racial Justice” with Wendy Fields

January 10, 2021 “Wisdom” with Rev. Harold Beu

February 9, 2020 “Slaying the Gorgon” with Joe McHugh

February 2, 2020 “When the Helper Needs Help” with Rev. Terry Tessari

January 26, 2020 “It Matters What We Believe” with Rev. Harold Beu

December 8, 2019 “The Truth Sets You Free” with Rev. Gy Ludvig-McCartney

November 11, 2019 “The Whole Nine Yards” with Rev. Gy

October 27, 2019 “The Beginnings of the Reformation” with Rev. Gy

September 15, 2019 “How Might We Live and Love in the Anthropocene?” with Donna McClurkan

August 25, 2019 “Beholden” with Rev. Gy

June 23, 2019 “Men at UUCC” led by Pat Fuehr

May 19, 2019 “Aesthetics and Ethics” with Rev. Larry Farris