Membership in our congregation is defined in our church Bylaws. Voting members are individuals who are 17 years old or older, who have signed the Membership book and who make a regular recorded financial contribution to the Church.

Sanctuary stageWhy join the Unitarian Universalist Community Church?

By formally joining our congregation, you are committing to be a full participant, supporting our faith community and working in partnership for the greater good. You will join a community committed to helping you in your spiritual journey. We covenant to walk together.
The benefits of membership include:

  • The right to vote for resolutions in congregational meetings and in elections;
  • The ability to serve as an elected member on the Board of Trustees or Nominating Committee, or to chair a committee;
  • The ability to join certain key committees that are restricted to members only, such as financial roles;
  • The availability of a minister who can officiate your life rituals (child dedications, weddings, and memorials);
  • Use of the church facility for special ceremonies and events;
  • Full participation in the creation of our congregation’s shared future.

What am I committing to when I join?

By joining UUCC, you are committing to support the congregation with your time, talent and treasure. Members are expected to make a financial commitment to the congregation each year, based on their individual ability to give. In special circumstances, service may be substituted for monetary contribution.

Members commit to our Member to Member Covenant of respectful relationships. Our spiritual health and growth requires our best efforts to maintain respectful relationships with each other, especially if we encounter conflicts among our members or with our Minister or staff.

UUCC Member to Member Covenant
As a member of UUCC, I covenant to:

Foster a caring community by

  • participating in church life.
  • creating opportunities to share personal stories with others.
  • responding to the joys and concerns of others.

Honor our differences by

  • recognizing our shared principles
  • showing interest in the varied histories, experiences and perspectives that people bring to UUCC.
  • remembering that each person’s being is larger than a particular opinion.

Encourage trust and respect by

  • reliably following through on my commitments.
  • communicating clearly and in a timely fashion.
  • expecting the best of myself and accepting that others are doing their best.
  • utilizing and improving established processes and channels of church operations.

Share the work of advancing our common goals by

  • keeping myself informed.
  • contributing my talents, time, energy and funds in ways that are healthy and fit my circumstances.
  • leading when it is my turn to lead and following when it is my turn to follow.

How do I join the church?

Those who are interested in joining UUCC will have attended two of the orientation sessions offered periodically by the Membership Committee. These sessions will review the benefits of membership, the history of Unitarian Universalism and of UUCC, the details of our church’s operations, and allow you to discover ways members can connect more deeply and determine if UUCC is a great fit for you. After completing the orientations, future members will:

  • Complete a Pledge Card to indicate their financial commitment to our church community and faith movement;
  • Sign the Membership book;
  • Attend a Membership Ceremony, held during a Sunday worship service and be formally welcomed by the congregation.