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You Break It; You Fix It

Our spiritual theme this month—Restoration and Reparations—invites us to reflect on how we are called to repair the harm – economic, physical, and psychological — caused to BIPOC folks by the many manifestations of systemic racism in American society. How can we find a common-sense … read more.

Recent News

  • Drag Me to Church!
    UU Community Church will be holding a FREE Drag Show suitable for an all-ages audience on Saturday, May 20 from 6-8 PM hosted by Miss Moscato and featuring special guests Petty Divine, Moana Lotte, and Savannah Hawthorne. Prior to the show from 4-6 PM, Miss Moscato will offer a Drag 101 Workshop for those ...
  • Our Annual Pledge Drive is Underway
    Pledge materials that will explain how you can support UUCC’s mission and activities for the next church year are available from the office. We ask that you return your pledge cards by March 18 so we can finalize the budget for the next church year. Supporting UUCC with your pledge is one of ...
  • On the Art Wall: Paintings by Nick Tasko
    We are excited to have a new exhibit up on our Art Wall during March and April featuring paintings created by UUCC youth group member Nick Tasko. Nick has been working with UUCC artist Mary Roscoe to learn a painting technique known as acrylic pouring, flow art, or fluid art. With this technique, the ...
  • Yoga Nidra is back!
    Daring to Rest™ facilitator, Erica Guthaus, was practicing what she preaches this summer by taking a long rest from leading Zoom Yoga Nidra sessions for us. She had a renewing and relaxing summer (except for the part when her entire household came down with Covid!) and now she is ready to restart Yoga Nidra at UUCC. ...
  • What is Next at Open House Theatre Company?
    Open House Theatre Company, an organization that believes that the arts are for everyone, makes its home at UU Community Church. Open House Theatre strives to provide an accessible, educational, and inclusive theatrical experience for all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, or economic status. Their most recent project was a ‘readers theatre’ production ...
  • Mindfulness Practice with Eric Nelson
    Join Eric on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM via Zoom to learn basic stress management skills through Mindfulness. During this Zoom gathering, you will learn practices that support present moment attention, which is characterized as non-judgmental, nonreactive, and kind. Instead of unconsciously reacting to life, based on past habits and conditioning, mindfulness ...
  • Religious Exploration for Kids and Youth
    Religious Exploration for Kids begins at 10:00 AM and takes place at the same time as our Sunday Services. Masks are encouraged for all who can safely wear them. Each multi-age Religious Exploration session will begin with a chalice lighting, sharing of joys and concerns, and a time for reflection, meditation, or prayer. Kids ...
  • Listen to Us
    Did you know you could listen to recent Sunday service talks on your phone or computer? Just click on the button “Sermon Archive” and then select the “Recent Audio” option on the left side menu.


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Our People

My mother’s side of the family is Catholic and I attended parochial school. Around the age of 13, I figured out that this religion wasn’t working for me and that Atheism was a better fit, with the freedom to explore my own ideology. I graduated college and worked at a social work/community center in Kalamazoo County.

I had a really rough year in 2010 and was not coping well, after unexpectedly losing my brother and a friendship of 12 years. I had seen a UU church in Jackson, and really liked the messages on their sign, so I checked out UUCC’s website to confirm that it was truly a liberal church. I was excited to see this was true! A friend invited me to a service. I knew this was a small congregation and was concerned that it might be a bit cliquish.

Great news for me that it wasn’t! My first day there, people were very friendly, and when I asked if I could help with the dishes, no one tried to persuade me otherwise. It was a simple gesture, but one I desperately needed. I had felt lost after my brother had died. I needed a sense of belonging and purpose and even with something as small as dishes, it was something that I needed to be able to give back. I also love that the services vary, and that learning is always encouraged. UUCC tries to change the world for the better. No specific beliefs are required, and everyone is welcomed.

I have made a lot of friends at UUCC, people I enjoy talking to on Sundays, at meetings, and at the awesome events (Chili dinner in January for example). This place has helped me survive some of the worst years I’ve had, and I am so glad I am a part of it.