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QS the G ReBel

Quinten Sampson, Jr., performing under the name QS the G ReBeL, is a Grand Rapids-based Hip-Hop artist who has been writing, recording, and performing live at venues all over West Michigan since 2010.  With a variety of flows, clever metaphors, and ingenious wordplay, QS is … read more.

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  • Listen to Us Did you know you could listen to recent Sunday service talks on your phone or computer? Just click on the button “Sermon Archive” and then select the “Recent Audio” option on the left side menu.
  • Leap With Love! Feb. 29 Get Out Your Dancing Shoes! Big Trouble and their lively mix of blues, rock, and soul music will join us again for our second annual Valentine’s Dance (combined with our first-ever Leap Year celebration.) Doors open at UUCC at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 29. Music begins at 8:00. Come early and enjoy good ...
  • Soul Boxes Project The kids at UUCC recently learned about a group in Portland, Oregon who are interested in creating a ‘massive art statement’ focused on Gun Violence. Following in the tradition of other national art projects like the AIDS Memorial Quilt, they hope to display tens of thousands of Soul Boxes to reveal the staggering number of ...
  • UU The Vote On January 12th the Unitarian Universalist Association will launch UU the Vote, a campaign focused on the 2020 elections. The goal is to create a decentralized, large-scale campaign that moves our faith communities into new or deeper action, making electoral engagement a strategic facet of any of the justice work we do, and strengthening ...
  • Weekly Dose of Inspiration Have you ever wished for a few words of encouragement or wisdom to help you make it through the hard edges and complicated choices life throws at you? The Unitarian Universalist Association has got you covered! You can sign up for Braver/Wiser, a weekly email message of courage and compassion delivered straight to your ...
  • Web-based Giving Available Have you ever come to church on a Generosity Sunday with no cash or checks in your pocket? We don’t want people to miss out on the chance to give when the spirit moves them, so we have added more options for donating to UUCC. If you notice on the website the new “Donate” button ...

Our People

Catholic nuns don’t question their faith. So, what is a person like me to do when doubt rears its insistent head. If you ask your spiritual advisor, which I did, you are told to pray because the devil is tempting you. The problem was, I had stopped believing in the devil.

So what was I to do? I decided to join an interfaith discussion group, telling my superiors that the Catholic Faith needed to be represented at these sessions. Secretly, after years of hearing what the Catholic Church told me, I decided to see how the other half lived, just in case I had missed something. Lucky for me, that group of the faithful from other denominations included a couple who belonged to the Unitarian Universalists Church. Never heard of it? Neither had I back in 1969. This couple shared their faith with the rest of us. I was stunned!

What? You mean you can build your own theology? There are no dogmas? Wow!
What? You mean you can freely (and responsibly) seek the truth and what is meaningful to you in your life? You can question and explore and doubt? No judgement or blame? Wow!
What? You mean I will no longer be a square peg in a round hole? Where do I sign up?

And so began the rest of my life. The journey has not been easy. I will have to admit that it was much easier to be told what to believe than to doubt, wonder, examine, question, re-examine and continually challenge my own thinking and assumptions. But the journey has been absolutely rewarding and refreshing. I’ve learned to be open to new thoughts and ideas. I’ve learned to feel comfortable with not knowing the answers and loving the fact that life is a mystery. As a result, I’ve opened myself to meeting some wonderful people on this strange and glorious journey. The Unitarian Universalist Faith is where I’ve become grounded. It’s home where my family of other UU members support each other as we build our personal and meaningful theology. It’s where I belong.