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Building the Beloved Community

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of The Beloved Community. He believed that the Beloved Community, while not devoid of conflict, is free of violence. It is a place in which our deepest values of abundance, equity, community, hope, and most of all love are … read more.

Recent News

  • DONATE to Kalamazoo Literacy Council
    Several times a year, UU Community Church holds a special collection to benefit organizations that are working to make a positive difference in our community. The recipient of our January Generosity Sunday Collection will be the    Kalamazoo Literacy Council (KLC).  KLC’s mission is to enhance the lives of adults by improving their reading, ...
  • A Course in Non-Violent Communication
    Join Rev. Gy for a six-week-long class based on the book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg. Non-Violent Communication (NVC) can help you create your life, your relationships, and your world in harmony with your values. If you’re in hurry for peace, this course is for you!  You will learn how to: · Listen to hear the ...
  • FREE Introduction to Yoga Nidra
    What is Yoga Nidra and Why Should You Dare to Rest™? Rest is an imperative part of our natural cycle as it leads to regulation of our nervous systems and balanced hormones! It is also the thing that we sacrifice most often when the busyness and demands of life start to take over. Join Daring to Rest™ ...
  • In-person Services SUSPENDED
    The UU Community Church Board of Trustees, Rev. Gy Ludvig-McCartney, and the UUCC Covid Task Force have been in communication about the expected surge of COVID-19 cases in the coming weeks due to the omicron variant. Based on the discussion and a very high Covid positivity rate of over 14% in the greater Kalamazoo area, the ...
  • Watch the Sunday Service!
    All of our Sunday Services are recorded. If you miss joining us on Sunday mornings, you can always view the recordings on our YouTube channel. In these unsettling times, Rev. Gy’s message brings things back in perspective and gives us hope. Follow this link to watch the services you missed.
  • Youth Religious Education
    Until vaccinations are available for children, there will be no in-person religious exploration classes for children under 12 held in our building. UUCC children and youth are invited to come to a ZOOM Meet-Up for Youth on select Sundays at 1:00 PM hosted by our Director of Religious Education, Miriam Epskamp. Occasional outdoor in-person ...
  • Thoughtful Thursdays
    Every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM we host a virtual meet-up for our members and friends to provide opportunities for connection, learning, and growth. First Thursdays: THEMATIC EXPLORATION THURSDAYS The first Thursday of each month will be dedicated to an exploration of the current spiritual theme. Rev. Gy will have questions prepared to help us consider different aspects ...
  • Listen to Us
    Did you know you could listen to recent Sunday service talks on your phone or computer? Just click on the button “Sermon Archive” and then select the “Recent Audio” option on the left side menu.

Our People

UUCC is at the intersection of all the things we value most. At UUCC, we have formed close relationships with people who share our values about equity and social justice. UUCC works with ISAAC (Interfaith Strategy for Advocacy and Action in the Community) to address the causes and impact of racial and economic disparities in our community. Through this collective impact model, we have been effective in making policy and practice changes at the local level.

We are deeply committed to spiritual development and exploration. The weekly Sunday services, guided wellness meditations, and religious education for our children provide support and inspiration for our family to develop meaningful spiritual practices. Our children have learned to articulate what they believe and how to make choices that are aligned with their values.

We also aspire to live in a way that reduces our carbon footprint so we can help protect the earth’s natural resources for generations to come. We are members of the Sustainability Support Group at UUCC. In this group, we share information and hold each other accountable for making personal changes and advocating for systemic changes.

UUCC has been our spiritual home for over 20 years as we have gone through many life stages, from early adulthood serving as UUCC youth group advisors to our life now as parents of teens who are transitioning to college. Through each stage, we have been fully supported by our church family and cannot imagine our lives without UUCC.