Regular Services and Children’s Religious Education Classes begin at 10:00 am. Nursery Care is available.

Sunday, April 7th
“Transformation” with Rev. Gy Ludvig-McCartney

Please join us this Sunday morning as Rev. Gy shares her insights with us about Transformation, and opens up discussion about UUCC’s vision and mission statements. Also please join us after the service for a potluck! Bring a dish to share with commUUnity, or if that’s not possible for some reason, please bring your own self to share. There will also be coffee and tea available. This month’s potluck will be hosted by the Caring Community Committee.

Sunday, April 14th
“Living on Purpose” with Rev. Gy Ludvig-McCartney

Please join us for our service this Sunday as Rev. Gy shares with us. All are welcome, as always, and we look forward to connecting with you after the service for coffee, tea, and conversation.

Sunday, April 21st
If It’s New, Make It Good” with Rev. Gy Ludvig-McCartney

Rev. Gy will be sharing with us this morning about this story of Easter. Please join us for coffee and tea and sharing after the service. We look forward to having you here with us.

Sunday, April 28th
“John E. Fetzer and The Quest for a New Age” with Author Brian C. Wilson

Please invite friends to attend an informative and inspirational presentation about John E. Fetzer, one of Kalamazoo’s leading business entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Brian Wilson, Professor of Religion at Western Michigan University, will deliver a presentation on John E. Fetzer: Entrepreneur and Student of America’s Shifting Spiritual Landscape.

John E. Fetzer is well remembered in Kalamazoo as the pioneer broadcaster who helped bring radio to southwest Michigan in the late 1920s. An astute businessman, Fetzer grew with the industry, making millions by expanding his holdings from radio to television to cable, and even to baseball, owning the Detroit Tigers for almost thirty years beginning in 1956. By the time he died in 1991, Fetzer had been listed in Forbes magazine as one of the 400 wealthiest people in the United States. Less well known about Fetzer was his life-long spiritual search, which led him from traditional Christianity to an exploration of a variety of metaphysical religions culminating in the New Age. In this talk, based on his book, John E. Fetzer and the Freedom of the Quest for the New Age, Professor Brian C. Wilson will discuss what motivated Fetzer to undertake this search and how it resulted in his most important legacy, the Fetzer Institute.

Participants will receive a free biography signed by author Brian Wilson.