All in-person Services and Religious Education Classes and Events have been CANCELED until further notice.

Online Services will be live-streamed via Facebook on Sundays at 10:00 AM.  Video recordings of services can be found on YouTube.  



January 3:  Improvising a Life                               

with guest speaker J. Barrett Lee

Humans have frequently sought to find meaning in life by repeating platitudes like “Everything happens for a reason!” or “God has a plan!” But what if that isn’t true? And what if meaninglessness isn’t the only alternative? What if the meaning of life isn’t “found” but “made”? Join J. Barrett Lee for a look at the improvisational process of evolution. You are cordially invited to explore the possibilities for making a meaningful life in the midst of so much chaos and beauty.                                               

January 10:   Wisdom                                                  

with Rev. Harold Beu

This will be the last of Harold’s trilogy of sermons centering on Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer.  Wisdom is hard to come, it seems to me, and there is so little of it in our world, especially among our ruling elite.  Harold will humbly offer thoughts on the matter knowing deep down that his access to wisdom is limited.

December 17:  Restoring the Soul of America

with guest speaker, Donna Odom

The Polish-born American Rabbi Abraham Heschel wrote, “Racism is man’s gravest threat to man.”  Racism is and always has been the gravest threat to America.  What are its roots and what can we do to bring about racial healing?

January 24:  Renewing Our Commitment to Justice

with guest speaker, Wendy Fields

In 1946, eighty-seven culturally diverse residents established the Metropolitan Kalamazoo Branch of the NAACP to mirror the national mission to advocate for equality, civil rights, voter mobilization, and monitor equal opportunities for all people in the public and private sector for residents in the greater Kalamazoo area. We’ll learn about the history and impact of this organization and how we can support its vision for racial justice.

January 31:  A Message in Music

with guest artist, Tret Fure

Singer/songwriter Tret Fure will share her heartfelt story songs and meaningful message with us in a music-filled Sunday Celebration.