Sundays at 10:00 AM. Childcare provided.
Please read through our Covid-19 Gathering Guidelines before joining us in person.
You can also join us on Facebook and Zoom. 

October 1:  On Living and Dying: The Hidden Wisdom of the Aramaic Jesus

with Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz

Renowned religious scholar, Neil Douglas Klotz, will Zoom in from his home in Edinburgh to talk about his new book, Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus, which collects his 40 years of work on the radically inclusive and holistic vision offered by the words and example of Jesus as seen through his native Aramaic language.

Zoom Meeting ID: 910 6299 3883   Click HERE to register.

October 8:  Stories of Becoming

with Rev. Gy

We will celebrate Coming Out Day by listening to the voices of LGBTQIA+ folks speaking about becoming their true selves.

Zoom Meeting ID: 939 2370 0966   Click HERE to register.

 October 15:  On Senescence 

with J. Barrett Lee

J. Barrett Lee will reflect on our monthly theme based on his experience serving (at different times in his life) as a hospice chaplain, a pastor, a philosophy professor, and a substance abuse counselor. 

Zoom Meeting ID: 992 6415 3162   Click HERE to register.


October 22: Letting Go is Hard to Do

with Rev. Gy

Some things, both physical and spiritual, just have to go and it is our job to prune them out of our lives even when it is hard to do.

Zoom Meeting ID: 944 3097 8163  Click HERE to register.

October 29: How to Befriend Death

with Brent Harris

As much as we try to resist, endings happen in every moment. The end of a breath. The end of a day. The end of a relationship and ultimately the end of life.  In each of these endings, there is a beginning, but we do not know what that will be.  When we learn how to befriend death we develop resiliency and find new ways to navigate our next steps, our next breath, our next relationship, and our world.

Zoom Meeting ID: 999 5416 5103  Click HERE to register