Expired: Robert Weir will be speaking on Civil Rights, Human Rights: The March Continues


In “Civil Rights, Human Rights: The March Continues,” writer and
speaker Robert (Bob) Weir recounts a brief history of racism and
slavery, relates inspirational stories of courage from the Civil Rights
Movement, and details parallels between that era and today’s need
for ongoing Human Rights activism. He concludes with compelling
call for each of us to “get up off our gifts and use them for the
betterment of our fellow humans.”

This program was inspired by the Living Legacy Pilgrimage (
http://www.uulivinglegacy.org/) to 13 sites in the South that were pivotal in
the Civil Rights Movement and from which comes the convincing yet
unfortunate message that, yes, the march toward equality and
respect for all people –regardless of race, gender, religion, lifestyle, etc. –does continue.

Robert Weir works and plays with words.
He is a freelance writer, author, speaker, book editor, and author’s
coach. His four published books, web travel blogs, and numerous
articles focus on people, peace, social justice, environment, and
travel adventure. He believes in the universal connection of all
people in the one human race and encourages “peace through
understanding. ”Robert resides in Kalamazoo … when not traveling
… but considers himself to be a citizen of the world. He is a frequent
contributor to Southwest Michigan’s Encore magazine, having
contributed more than 150 articles since his first was published in
1996. An article that relates to his presentation today was the cover
feature in the February 2017 issue.