Speaker: Rev. Gy Ludvig-McCartney

The Whole Nine Yards

After the loss of a close family member, Rev. Gy’s thoughts have turned to Birth and Death and how differently we prepare for both these inevitable events in a person’s life.

All Souls

We will explore how the past defines and impacts us as we mark the Feast of All Souls, a day of remembrance for those who have passed away that helps us ties together the past, the present, and the future.

The Beginnings of the Reformation

Unitarianism as an organized religious movement emerged during the Reformation period in Poland, Transylvania, and England, and later in North America from the original New England Puritan churches.  Rev. Gy will talk about the beginnings of the Reformation and why it is important for modern UUs to understand its significance.   

Bread Communion

Every civilization has baked bread of some type. In sharing bread we celebrate the earth that feeds us. We will begin our services in October, the month of harvest, with a bread communion. We invite everyone to bake or bring and break bread during this service.

Water Communion

Water Communion is a unique Unitarian Universalist ritual traditionally held at the beginning of the church year that serves to remind us of our interconnectedness and celebrate our gathering together as a community. Please bring some water that has some importance for you to … read more.


Rev. Gy will be sharing with us about taking a look at the way we live and considering even small changes that may have huge impact on the environment, society, earth, animals, and all of us. We will also celebrate Flower Communion during the service … read more.

“7 Generations”

Please join us this Sunday morning as Rev. Gy shares about how with every decision we make we have to consider 7 generations and their well-being. There will be a POTLUCK after the service, hosted by Sunday Services and Celebrations Committee. Bring a dish to … read more.