Topic: Accessibility and Inclusion

Honesty in Diversity

Humanity presents itself in so many diverse ways. It is easy to judge and exclude.  But this is not the way to a healed and whole community and planet.  In this talk, Rev. Gy will help us to exercise not only our acceptance but our … read more.

Adaptive Ministry

When one strand of the web is broken, the entire web is prone to collapse. When we in UU spaces speak of our 7th principle, belief in the interdependent web of all existence, we are not merely speaking in metaphors. Our existences are intricately woven … read more.

Minority Strong

March is Women’s History month and the 31st is Transgender Visibility Day. One wishes it wasn’t necessary to have these special days of awareness but until all of humanity, in all of its beautiful diversity, is seen and valued every day, we need to take … read more.

Are We There Yet?

Without a map, how does one know when they have left China and entered Mongolia? How do we even know when we’ve gone from Michigan to Indiana? Humans have been migrating across the Earth for thousands of years. With this in mind, join me as … read more.