Undivided Mind

Undivided mind is accessible through Effortless Mindfulness which empowers us with the natural capability to be with our thoughts and emotions, without obsessive monitoring. This awake awareness is an infinite resource capable of coping with all difficult emotions. From effortless mindfulness, we have the ability to experience the arising of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even subpersonalities from within and all around—without needing to identify with them, deny them, or project them onto others. Effortless Mindfulness is the root of joyful living.

Eric has worked in the Mind-Body health field for over 30 years, and was a program officer at the Fetzer Institute for 22 years, developing programs in contemplative science and mind-body medicine. He is the owner and lead trainer for Stress Management Solutions, leading mindfulness classes and retreats throughout the year. We look forward to sharing him with you!