Speaker: Eric Nelson

Undivided Mind

Undivided mind is accessible through Effortless Mindfulness which empowers us with the natural capability to be with our thoughts and emotions, without obsessive monitoring. This awake awareness is an infinite resource capable of coping with all difficult emotions. From effortless mindfulness, we have the ability … read more.

Expired: “Cultivating Sustainable Happiness”

In our service you will experience effortless mindfulness practices that you can use during your day anytime you feel distracted, emotionally out of balance or caught up in habitual ways of thinking and acting. Research has shown these practices to be beneficial to our overall … read more.

Compassionate Living in a Divided World

Eric Nelson will be speaking on “Compassionate Living in a Divided World”. This service will explore how self-compassion creates the inner psychological conditions needed to do outer work for societal transformation. Self-compassion cultivates forgiveness, empathy, compassion which helps us act in the world as … read more.