Topic: Spiritual Growth

Summer Forum: Who Can We Trust?

At 78 years old, Rev. Harold Beu has seen a good bit of our nation’s turmoil from the Vietnam War, the assassinations of prominent leaders, to riots involving the police, and the rise of various movements, beginning with the Civil Rights movement, which was a … read more.

Summer Forum: What is Fear?

The following quote is from the Book “Understanding Fear in Ourselves and Others” by Bonaro Overstreet, author, poet, psychologist, and lecturer: Of all the emotional forces that pattern our individual and interpersonal behaviors, fear has that most insidious power to make us do what … read more.

Flower Communion

The first Flower Communion, led by Unitarian minister Rev. Norbert Čapek, was held in Prague in the spring of 1923. We join UUs from all over the world to celebrate this beloved tradition and honor its powerful history. Be sure to bring a flower to … read more.

What is Hope?

Hope is more than a feeling.  It is both the waiting we do and the actions we take.  It is courage and creativity.  It is sometimes terrible struggle but also an essential part of transformation and change.

Join us onsite or online! To register for … read more.

The Great Divide

Strong intergenerational relationships were the norm for most of human evolution and essential for human survival. The last 50 years, however, have seen a growing trend towards greater age segregation in almost all facets of life. Is it possible for us to restore multigenerational community? … read more.

The Courage to Be You… Better 

Professional improv performers Dann and Tara from Improv Effects will share techniques and philosophies that are not only useful for creating great moments on the improv stage but are also powerful communication tools in real life. Improvisors work to stay present and ask, “What does … read more.

Reunite Rain and Root

Do you get tired sometimes? The work we do to live in right relations and to build a sustainable and just Beloved Community can be exhausting. We work and we work but so much remains undone. Let’s talk about strategies to address fatigue and keep … read more.