Topic: Spiritual Growth

Get Up Off Your Gifts

Each of us was born with a unique purpose and special talents … our gifts. Through stories and an audience-participation visualization exercise, local author, writer, editor, and public speaker Bob Weir reminds us to utilize our gifts, our vision, and our courage to live peacefully … read more.

This Time When We Might Be Flying

This year sees us embracing a more active congregational life and reacting to all that the pandemic has changed. What’s next for our congregation? What’s next for Unitarian Universalism? Join Rev. Dr. Megan Foley from the Central East Region of the UUA for an exploration … read more.

Letter to Self

Rev. Gy will guide us through the spiritual practice of writing a letter to our future selves. Letter writing is a deeply reflective action that, when done with mindfulness, can bring profound results. Whether you’re hoping to achieve specific goals, following up on gratitude intentions, or giving … read more.

The Burning Bowl

To welcome the New Year, it is our tradition to release all the emotional ties and bonds that no longer serve us by feeding them to the flames of the Burning Bowl. Join us to hit the spiritual reset button and reflect on making a … read more.