Speaker: Rev. Gy Ludvig-McCartney

Rev. Gy Ludvig-McCartney was born in Transylvania, Romania, the birthplace of Unitarianism. However, it wasn’t until much later that they discovered Unitarian Universalism. Currently, Rev. Gy is ordained in the United Church of Christ and in Unity and is also exploring an alternative path to Unitarian Universalism ordination. They have a Master of Divinity from “Egyetemi Fokú Egységes Protestáns Teológiai Intézet” in Transylvania/Romania, and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio. Rev Gy resides in Portage with their wife, Patti, five dogs, and two cats. Patti and Rev. Gy are long-term residents of the area and enjoy traveling together, camping, gardening, and renovating homes.

Now is the Time

In 1997, before the kids in our youth group were even born, the UU General Assembly voted to commit to intentionally becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppression, multicultural institution. For a while after this vote, there was some good progress, but then we got distracted and progress … read more.

Sojourner in a Foreign Land

In the United States, immigration can be a heated and divisive topic of debate often focused on the narrow
lens of its effect on us, our jobs, our economy, and our security ignoring the other side of the equation. Immigration can also be looked at as … read more.

Through the Eye of a Needle

Jesus preached that wealth was a spiritual stumbling block. But what does that mean exactly? Is wealth always immoral and corrupting? Is poverty a virtue? What does all this mean for us?

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We know that we can do more together than we can do alone.  Today we will explore the ways we might create a healthy, constructive, fulfilling life together.

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Us vs. Them

There are different ways of trying to make sense of the world but too often we slip into the us-versus-them mentality that oversimplifies problems, vilifies people, and makes it harder for us to solve complex problems and work towards the common good.

In-person services have been … read more.

Letter to Self

On this first Sunday of the New Year, Rev. Gy will guide us through the spiritual practice of writing a letter to our future selves. Letter writing is a deeply reflective action that, when done with mindfulness, can bring profound results. Whether you’re hoping to achieve specific … read more.

The Burning Bowl

At the dusk of the old year, it is our tradition to release all the emotional ties and bonds that no longer serve us by feeding them to the flames of the Burning Bowl. Join us to hit the spiritual reset button and reflect on … read more.

A Zoom Christmas Eve

The theme for our shared time on Christmas Eve will be Peace. We will read poems, meditate on peace, and sing our favorite Christmas Carols in hopes that peace, reason, and love will be the strongest voices for the years to come.

This service will not … read more.


In Europe, December 5 is widely celebrated as St. Nicholas Day. It is fitting on this day for us to hear about Nicholas, the patron saint of peacemakers, and other stories of exceptional kindness that have helped shape human history.

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