Topic: Beloved Community

Global Swarming

The world seems to be facing multiple crises from war and famine to climate change and the rise of authoritarianism.  Now is not the time to lean into ideologies that “other” people in need.  We need to find ways to work together to save us … read more.

Patchwork to Freedom

Local quilter, Pam Chapman, will discuss the hidden messages of quilts during the Underground Railroad era, what the message each block in the quilt conveyed, and the myth/fact of the use of quilts by enslaved people pursuing freedom. She will also bring some quilts relevant to … read more.

You Break It; You Fix It

Our spiritual theme this month—Restoration and Reparations—invites us to reflect on how we are called to repair the harm – economic, physical, and psychological — caused to BIPOC folks by the many manifestations of systemic racism in American society. How can we find a common-sense … read more.

The Power of We

Only by working together can we build Beloved Community and make UUCC a place where people of many beliefs can coexist, find meaning together, and encourage one another’s spiritual growth. This is the saving message of Unitarian Universalism: We can do together, what we cannot … read more.

Fickle Friend the Wind: Trying to Blend In on the Rez

How do current Native American values fit with life on the reservation … before laundromats or computers reached the trading posts on the vast, often remote Navajo Nation?  Through her published anecdotes and accompanying photo exhibit, Dorothy will highlight her experience there as a white teacher … read more.

Exploring Anti-Racism

Since September a group of dedicated UUCC folks has been meeting once a month to talk about structural racism and our role both as individuals and a faith community in dismantling systems of oppression. Please join them this Sunday to hear their thoughts about … read more.

Thoughts from a Native Elder

Linda (Zhaawanong NimKii Kwew, Southern Thunder Woman) holds many titles from Sister to Organizer to Activist. She is a mother of 23 children of an Anishinabe extended family, grandmother of 60, and great-grandmother of 27. Linda is a Co-founder of the Michigan Coalition Against Racism … read more.

White Fragility

When we talk about governance, what we are really talking about is power.  People who are accustomed to having power, who are used to having their ways of doing and being always front and center, will naturally resist relinquishing power to others. What does this … read more.

Adaptive Ministry

When one strand of the web is broken, the entire web is prone to collapse. When we in UU spaces speak of our 7th principle, belief in the interdependent web of all existence, we are not merely speaking in metaphors. Our existences are intricately woven … read more.