Topic: Environmental Justice

Earth Day Sunday: Voices of Youth

As we approach the 54th anniversary of Earth Day, we will listen to the voices of young people in our congregation and community as they reflect on the current state of the planet and their hopes for the future.   

Join us onsite or online. Visit … read more.

Global Swarming

The world seems to be facing multiple crises from war and famine to climate change and the rise of authoritarianism.  Now is not the time to lean into ideologies that “other” people in need.  We need to find ways to work together to save us … read more.

Trees of Life

What better way to start our year of taking inspiration from trees than hearing from someone who has spent a lifetime in love with them?  Our guest speaker, Mike Connor, a certified arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture, will share his awe-inspiring wonder of … read more.

Summer Sunday Forum: Climate Change

The most difficult problem in knowing what to do about the environment is knowing what the problem is. It is hard to know because we generally do not feel the results of ecological degradation until it is too late, too painful, or too toxic. Obviously, … read more.

Heal and Renew

Last year we decided to re-imagine Easter as a time to celebrate the healing and renewal of the
Earth. This year we will take that idea a little further with an Earth Communion and some hands-on activities to help us practice Earth stewardship.

There will be … read more.

When Hope is Hard to Find

Unitarian Universalists believe in the interconnected web of all things but as a species, we are causing the 6th mass extinction. Fear is a paralyzer; hope is a motivator. But where does the stark reality of the existential end of life as we know it … read more.

The Oneness of Everything

We will celebrate the earth with singer/songwriter Jim Scott’s original songs and readings along with his personal reflections on Mother Earth or “Gaia” being one living organism.  Our “spiritual response” in word and action is so timely now, as “the spirit of life on earth … read more.

Re-imagining Easter

Easter is a difficult topic for Rev. Gy to explore. The story of Jesus’s resurrection no longer resonates as it once did. Finding something new and interesting to say about Easter becomes harder each year.
“What if,” Rev. Gy asks, “we re-imagined Easter as a time … read more.