Topic: UU Principles

Exploring the Roots of Our Beliefs

Retired UU Minister Fred Campbell proposes that within Unitarian Universalism there are four primary theological camps: humanism, naturalism, mysticism, and theism. During the course of this service, we will define each of these and invite UUCC members and friends to reflect on ways they fit … read more.

What Holds Us Together?

People find a sense of belonging in many places… in families, in ethnic/national groups, in faith traditions. For many of these groups, the power of belonging seems to reside in sameness. Join Rev. Gy as they reflect the unique way Unitarian Universalists find belonging in diversity … read more.

Summer Sunday Forum: Hope

One of the favorite readings for weddings from Paul in Corinthians 13 on his thoughts about love. He ends that verse with these words: … But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love. Certainly, love is what we hunger … read more.

Summer Sunday Forum: Patriotism

What does it mean to be a patriot? Does having patriotism mean having a love of country, of the land, of its people, and its traditions? Is it an important quality for citizens to possess? Join Rev. Harold Beu for discourse and … read more.

Change as Spiritual Practice

Our living tradition is blooming. We live out our values within our “living tradition” which calls us to question our past, open ourselves to new understanding, and evolve. The purpose of the Unitarian Universalist Association, our sources, and our principles are transforming. We will explore … read more.

This Time When We Might Be Flying

This year sees us embracing a more active congregational life and reacting to all that the pandemic has changed. What’s next for our congregation? What’s next for Unitarian Universalism? Join Rev. Dr. Megan Foley from the Central East Region of the UUA for an exploration … read more.

At the Welcome Table

Unitarian Universalists have two annual traditions that are celebrated this time of year: the Guest at Our Table offering and Bread Communion. Today, we’ll incorporate both into our celebration as we reflect on how we experience love through sharing in community and in sharing with … read more.