The Secret Ingredient is Love

The ritual of breaking bread together has been shared by the human family in various forms for millennia as a way to give thanks for the harvest, to pray that the Earth will continue to sustain life, and to celebrate the bonds of community.  We will do all these things at our annual Bread Communion. 

If you attend this service onsite, please bring some bread (or similar staple) that represents an important memory or connection for you to add to our communion table. 

Online participants will have an opportunity to share stories about bread or a similar staple during the service. You may also want to have some bread nearby to eat during the communion. 

Please read through our Covid-19 Gathering Guidelines before joining us in person.

For those who prefer to watch at home, you can join us via Zoom Meeting ID 913 7754 8740

Our services are also live-streamed via Facebook on Sundays at 10:00 AM. 

Video recordings of services can be found on YouTube.

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