Topic: UU Principles

It Matters What We Believe

Unitarian Universalists sometimes have a difficult time trying to explain what we believe to others and even to ourselves.  Join us as we attempt to us to gain a clearer understanding of what it is that we believe, of what brings us together as a … read more.

Letter to Self

Intention is a powerful force. In fact, it is a prerequisite to creation. Rev. Gy has found that humans create all the time, but the problem is, most of the time it is done unconsciously. On this day we will have the opportunity to set … read more.

Act of Loving through Giving

Mother Theresa said, “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” Through music story and conversation, UUCC member Mary Roscoe will help us explore how giving is an act of love.

The Whole Nine Yards

After the loss of a close family member, Rev. Gy’s thoughts have turned to Birth and Death and how differently we prepare for both these inevitable events in a person’s life.

The Beginnings of the Reformation

Unitarianism as an organized religious movement emerged during the Reformation period in Poland, Transylvania, and England, and later in North America from the original New England Puritan churches.  Rev. Gy will talk about the beginnings of the Reformation and why it is important for modern UUs to understand its significance.   


Rev. Gy will be sharing with us about taking a look at the way we live and considering even small changes that may have huge impact on the environment, society, earth, animals, and all of us. We will also celebrate Flower Communion during the service … read more.

Black History in UU

This will be an Intergenerational Service (all ages welcome and encouraged), led by our Religious Education Director Jacquis Robertson. We look forward to you all joining us, and we hope you’ll join us after the service for coffee and connecting.

Expired: Annual Water Communion

Please bring with you to the service a bit of water from your summer travels or from places special to you so we can join our waters together at our UUCC home. This will be an intergenerational service, and all ages are welcome!