Topic: Wholeness

The Great Divide

Strong intergenerational relationships were the norm for most of human evolution and essential for human survival. The last 50 years, however, have seen a growing trend towards greater age segregation in almost all facets of life. Is it possible for us to restore multigenerational community? … read more.

Global Swarming

The world seems to be facing multiple crises from war and famine to climate change and the rise of authoritarianism.  Now is not the time to lean into ideologies that “other” people in need.  We need to find ways to work together to save us … read more.


As summer comes to an end we will celebrate our annual Water Communion as a ritual of welcome and homecoming as we begin the new church year. This service invites you to come home to a place where your spirit may be fed and your … read more.

You Break It; You Fix It

Our spiritual theme this month—Restoration and Reparations—invites us to reflect on how we are called to repair the harm – economic, physical, and psychological — caused to BIPOC folks by the many manifestations of systemic racism in American society. How can we find a common-sense … read more.

It Was Meant For Good But It Was Evil

Levi Rickert, publisher and editor of Native News Online, will discuss the impact of Indian boarding schools, a program that was designed to assimilate Native American youth into American society. He will talk about how this practice led to historical trauma that has negatively impacted … read more.