Speaker: Brent Harris

Brent Harris is a talented Kalamazoo-based sculptor, art educator, and owner of the Alchemist Sculpture Foundry. He came to Kalamazoo to attend Western Michigan University and study psychology before moving into sculpture. After graduation, he became a paramedic to serve the community. His work as an EMT allowed him to continue to consider the human form in all of its stages and states. Now a full-time artist, Mr. Harris’s pieces help to tell stories and clarify the world around him. These stories range from gestural vignettes, to personal and spiritual examinations, and socio-political study. His sculpture is influenced by rhythms of nature. He notes. “Nature provides the shapes and patterns that repeat in our body and in our subconscious. They exist in us in a nautical spiral in the curve of an ear, the rolling hills of our spine, or in the root-like structure of our nerves and vasculature.”

How to Befriend Death

As much as we try to resist, endings happen in every moment. The end of a breath. The end of a day. The end of a relationship and ultimately the end of life.  In each of these endings, there is a beginning, but we do … read more.