Speaker: Robert Weir

Robert M Weir works and plays with words. After working in radio, television, and the school yearbook business, the discovery of a brain tumor caused him to reassess his life. It reminded him of his mortality and motivated him to hone his creative writing skills and reorient his career. Since the 1990s, “Have Laptop, Will Travel” has been the theme of his life. He has enjoyed success as the author of many magazine articles, travel blogs, and books including Peace, Justice, Care of Earth, the biography of John McConnell, founder of the original Earth Day, and Brain Tumor, a medical memoir about his experiences with benign meningioma. Bob also is a writers’ coach, an editor, and a public speaker who gives presentations about people, peace-making, social justice issues, environmentalism, and his many travel adventures.

Peace Through Understanding

This Service will be held ONLINE ONLY due to the weather.

Why? Oh, why are things this way? Why am I feeling this way? Why? Why? Why?

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Get Up Off Your Gifts

Each of us was born with a unique purpose and special talents … our gifts. Through stories and an audience-participation visualization exercise, local author, writer, editor, and public speaker Bob Weir reminds us to utilize our gifts, our vision, and our courage to live peacefully … read more.