Topic: Guest Speaker

Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry

Laura Ray attends the UU Church of Greater Lansing and is currently an Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan (EJAM) Fellow. Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN) is one of seven organizations within EJAM. Laura is taking up the subject of disability within the Lansing … read more.

“John E. Fetzer and The Quest for a New Age”

Please invite friends to attend an informative and inspirational presentation about John E. Fetzer, one of Kalamazoo’s leading business entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Brian Wilson, Professor of Religion at Western Michigan University, will deliver a presentation on John E. Fetzer: Entrepreneur and Student of America’s Shifting … read more.

Expired: “A Story of Inclusion”

Alicia Johnston will be sharing her story of transformation from a religiously conservative and closeted queer person to a more expansive and affirming spirituality. Along the way will be lessons learned about compassion, inclusion, and the importance of working for equality.