We are ALL the UUCC Caring Community .

Persons to contact:

Nancy Crowell, Beverly Folz, Judy Oliver or Freya Lake.


There are four teams: Meal Ministry, Transportation Ministry, Simple Presence Ministry and Memorial Receptions Ministry. You are the volunteers for these teams. Not on a team? You help when and where you can.


You let your point persons know of need. They contact the person in need, and if necessary, get in touch with the appropriate Team (Food, Transportation, Simple Presence, Memorial Receptions). They also inform the congregation through the Caring Community newsletter article and special emails. You learn of needs through these media, and you help however you can. It’s helpful if you also let your Caring Point Person know what you have done.

Communication needs to be both 2-way and circular!

Ways of Caring:

  • Phone calls, notes and visits to our shut-ins
  • Hospital or home visits when necessary or desired
  • Flowers or a gift for serious illness, surgery or death
  • Preparation and delivery of food to congregants in need of help with meals at home
  • Transportation for members or friends who need rides to church and appointments
  • Sitting quietly with the seriously ill

Memorial Receptions:

In the event of a memorial service at the Church, refreshments are provided as the family desires.