The Religious Education (RE) Committee meets monthly and works with the Director of Religious Education (DRE) and teachers throughout the year to create a vibrant, exciting program for children and youth.

Key responsibilities:

  • Approves R.E. curriculum and schedule developed by the DRE and insures that the RE offerings reflect the mission of UUCC
  • Insures that youth have an opportunity to provide input to the RE program
  • Works with the DRE to hold at least two teacher orientation/sign-up meetings during the year
  • Helps DRE to recruit volunteers for the RE program
  • Works with the DRE to define and enforce acceptable classroom behavior
  • Works with the DRE to developing an annual budget
  • Makes sure the program is evaluated on a regular basis with surveys from parents, teachers, children and youth, and other church members
  • Keeps appraised of class success and problems
  • Assists in RE intergenerational and social justice programming
  • Provides monthly feedback to the DRE about RE programming
  • Help to spread information about RE programming to the congregation through one-on-one conversations during coffee hour
  • Works with the HR committee to create a job description and a recruiting plan to replace the DRE when necessary