Unlike other UUCC committees, members of COM are appointed to the position by the UUCC Board for a period of one year. COM typically consists of four congregation members and the minister. COM reports directly to the UUCC Board. COM meetings are held once a month.

COM focuses on all aspects of the congregation’s ministry and helps ensure that these ministries are serving the congregation’s mission and vision. In this context, the term “ministry” refers to more than the professional ministry (i.e. the minister). It refers to all activities directed toward the spiritual health of the congregation. Some of the functions of COM include

  • Initiating and supporting activities that will serve the ministerial needs of the congregation.
  • Facilitating resolution of congregational concerns.
  • Serving as a liaison between the congregation, the professional minister and the Board on ministry-related matters.
  • Evaluating initiatives designed to strengthen the congregation’s ministry.